Python for Ethical Hacking: A Brief Overview

Python for Ethical Hacking A Brief Overview

Ethical hacking has become extremely lucrative for hackers, cyber-security experts, and those interested. Due to the responsibilities of being a security professional operating on command-line tools, understanding a scripting language such as Python can be vital. Python is gaining popularity due to its many applications across many industries and being an incredibly easy-to-learn language. 


Python is an extremely script-friendly high-level programming language developed in the late 1980s by Guido van Rossum in the late 1980s. Python programming language can be employed to develop web applications, machine-learning applications, and the latest technologies in software. 


What Is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking refers to the method by that a skilled hacker attempts to penetrate the organization’s devices and systems legally and in a controlled manner. Hackers with a moral stance can test an organization’s security in this manner and identify vulnerabilities in their systems and networks. 

Once you’ve mastered ethical hacking, look at the following subject in this article on Python, which is a primer on Python.

Roadmap to learn python

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Popular Python Hacking Tools

Hacking refers to using various technology or tools based on computers and programs to gain access to untrusted data to protect the computer system or network. 

Hackers utilize them to discover the weaknesses of computer OS, different web applications, and network servers. 

  • Invicti 
  • Fortify WebInspect 
  • Cain & Abel 
  • Nmap (Network Mapper) 
  • Nessus 
  • Nikto 
  • Kismet 
  • NetStumbler 
  • Acunetix 
  • Netsparker 

Python is hugely notable because of its strong yet easy-to-utilize libraries, promptly accessible to designers. Although Python has a simple syntax and incredible readability, nothing can beat the fact that developers’ lives are made easy with these readily available libraries. 

There are many kinds of hackers. The following are the most common: 


Black Hat Hackers:

Black Hat Hackers are those who have gotten to the site illicitly to take data from the organization entrance or change the data. 


White Hat Hacker:

 Hackers are responsible for discovering bugs and reporting them ethically to organizations or companies. They are licensed as users to check and test vulnerabilities in the web or network and then report the findings to individuals who developed the website or to authorized persons.


Grey Hat Hackers:

These hackers gain access to the information of a network or website and are in violation of cyber law. But they don’t have the same motives like Black Hat Hackers have.


Python is a scripting language that has grown in popularity because it is extremely user-friendly and has strong libraries. NASA’s space-based machines are created with Python. Hacking using Python provides many benefits, including access to cool Python libraries.


Why is Python commonly used for ethical hacking?

Python is widely used for ethical hacking due to its simplicity, versatility, and extensive library support. It offers a wide range of libraries and frameworks that facilitate tasks such as network scanning, packet manipulation, cryptography, and web exploitation.

Can Python be used for both offensive and defensive security purposes?

Yes, Python can be utilized for both offensive and defensive security purposes. On the offensive side, Python can be employed to identify vulnerabilities, exploit security weaknesses, and perform attacks.

Where can I learn Python for ethical hacking?

There are numerous resources available to learn Python for ethical hacking. You can start with online tutorials, websites, and blogs that provide beginner-friendly content on Python and ethical hacking.

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