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Text To ASCII online converter

Text To ASCII Code Converter Tool

We communicate with each other primarily through text, whether it’s through emails, instant messages, or social media posts. Text is the most basic form of communication, but sometimes we need to translate it into another form.

For instance, ASCII code is a widely used format for representing characters on computers. In this blog, we will explore two online converters, Text to ASCII and ASCII to Text, and how they can help us convert text into ASCII and vice versa.

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Brief Explanation

  • Before diving into the details, let’s understand what ASCII is. ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. It’s a code representing a set of 128 characters used in computing devices.
  • These characters include letters, numbers, symbols, and control characters. ASCII is used to store and transmit text information between different computer systems.
  • The Text to ASCII online converter is a tool that converts plain text to ASCII code, while the ASCII to Text online converter does the reverse by converting ASCII code to plain text. These converters are useful when working with ASCII-encoded files, web pages, or other ASCII-code documents.
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Purpose of the Converter

  • Text to ASCII and ASCII to Text online converters provide a convenient and quick way to convert a plain text to ASCII code and vice versa.
  • This is particularly useful for computer programmers and developers who must work with ASCII-encoded files and web pages. It’s also helpful for those who need to convert text to a form easily transmitted or stored in a computer system.

User Interface

  • The Text to ASCII and ASCII to Text online converters’ user interfaces are straightforward and easy to use. The user simply needs to enter the text or ASCII code in the provided input box, and the converter will produce the output in the opposite format.

Conversion Algorithm

  • The conversion algorithm used in Text to ASCII and ASCII to Text online converters is relatively straightforward. ASCII code uses a 7-bit binary code to represent the characters, assigning each character a unique code.
  • The algorithm for converting plain text to ASCII involves identifying the ASCII code for each character and then combining them into a string of binary numbers. Conversely, the algorithm for converting ASCII to plain text involves interpreting the binary code and matching it to the corresponding ASCII character.


  • Implementing Text to ASCII and ASCII to Text online converters is relatively simple, making them easy to use and accessible for anyone with an internet connection. These converters are web-based and do not require any software installation or downloads. They are designed to work with any modern web browser, making them accessible on desktop and mobile devices.

Testing and Validation

  • Before using any online converter, testing and validating its functionality is essential. The Text to ASCII and ASCII to Text online converters have been thoroughly tested and validated to ensure that they provide accurate results.
  • The testing process involves inputting various text and ASCII code inputs to check whether the output matches the expected result. This process is done repeatedly to ensure the converters consistently provide the correct output.
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Possible Future Improvements or Features to Add

  • While the Text to ASCII and ASCII to Text online converters are already useful tools, there are always ways to improve their functionality.
  • One possible improvement could be the addition of a batch-processing feature that allows users to convert multiple files at once. Another possible feature could be the ability to convert ASCII art to plain text or vice versa. 


Text-to-ASCII and ASCII to Text converters are useful tools that save time and effort for those who frequently work with ASCII characters. With their simple user interfaces and efficient conversion algorithms, these online converters are accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Codexcoach‘s commitment to providing quality tools for developers and computer science students is evident in the design and implementation of these converters.


What is a Text to ASCII online converter?

A Text to ASCII online converter is a tool that can convert a plain text message into its equivalent ASCII code.

Why do I need to convert text to ASCII?

To send non-textual data over a text-only medium, such as email or SMS.
To encode special characters or symbols that are not available on a standard keyboard.
To convert binary data into a readable text format.

Is it safe to use codexcoach’s Text to ASCII online converter tool?

Yes, it is generally safe to use a Text to ASCII online converter. However, it is important to make sure that you are using a reputable and trustworthy tool like CodexCoach‘s tool.

Can I convert ASCII code back to text?

Yes, it is possible to convert ASCII code back to text using an ASCII-to-text converter. This tool works in the opposite way to a Text to ASCII converter, taking the input code and converting it into its corresponding text characters.

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