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This utility uses the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format to convert Tab Separated Values (TSV) files into data structures. Each row of TSV to JSON data in the output JSON’s array of hashes contains a hash. The first row of the TSV data is utilized for column headings. The TSV values in the first row act as the JSON hash values, and the values in that row act as the JSON hash keys.

Simply drag a TSV file into the upload box, choose the appropriate output format, and then hit the convert button to convert it. When the conversion is finished, you can download the JSON file.

You can create compressed JSON or change the JSON’s formatting to tabs or spaces. You will soon be able to choose from several JSON output types, including an array of arrays and objects.

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What is a TSV file?

Data separated by tabs is represented in plain text format via a file format called Tab-Separated Values (TSV). When importing and exporting data across programs, the file format, comparable to CSV, is used to organize the data systematically. The format is mostly used for databases and spreadsheet programs’ import/export and data exchange.

A tab character serves as a separator between each field value in a TSV file, which contains one line of text per record. The media type text/tab-separated values are used by the TSV file format. TSV files are particularly useful when moving data from one program to another that doesn’t support the proprietary format.

What is JSON?

  • JSON, which stands for “JavaScript Object Notation,” is designed to be a compact and human-readable way to describe a complex data structure and make it easier for systems to exchange data with one another. Key-value pairs and ordered lists are the foundation of JavaScript Object Notation, a text-based, schema-free representation of structured data.
  • Although a direct descendant of JavaScript, most widely used programming languages provide libraries or native support for JSON. Information interaction between online clients and web servers often uses JSON; however, it is not the only format available. Nearly all publicly accessible web services use it today, and private web services often do too.
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TSV to JSON converter Tool

  • TSV data and files are converted into JSON data and files by the TSV to JSON converter. Customizing the input TSV and JSON output of the converter is possible. TSV files with configurable field quotes and column delimiters are also supported. It allows comment lines and lets you decide whether to ignore empty lines. Additionally, you can modify the output JSON indentation’s use of spaces.
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