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Are you looking for innovative techniques to boost your website’s search engine optimization (SEO)? These tags are snippets of HTML code that provide search engines with information about your website, including the title, description, and keywords. That’s where the meta tag generator comes in.

In this blog post, we’ll explain meta tags, their importance for SEO, and more about them.

About Meta Tags

The most vital types of meta tags:

Title Tag

  • The title or URL of the website, which appears as a clickable link in the search engine results page or SERP is present on the browser tab.

Description Tag 

  •  This is shown in the SERP under the title tag, as a summary of the content on the webpage.

Keyword Tag 

  •  The tag has some keywords that are taken from or related to the content of the webpage. It used to be more important than it is, as search engines have become more sophisticated in understanding the content of webpages.

The essence of Meta Tags for SEO

Meta tags play a vital role in SEO. It is because they give search engines information about the reliable content of a webpage. This enables search engines to comprehend the webpage and assign it an appropriate ranking in search results.

For example, if you have a webpage about “best pizza in New York, ” you would want to include this phrase in your title and description tags. This will help search engines understand that your webpage is relevant to people searching for “best pizza in New York” and display it in search results accordingly.

Purpose of the Tool

Using the meta tag generator, you can create the following:

Title Tag

  • You can enter the title of your webpage, and the generator will create a title tag for you.

Description Tag 

  •  You can enter a brief summary of your webpage, and the meta data generator will create a description tag.

Keyword Tag 

  •  You can join a list of relevant keywords, and the generator will generate a keyword tag for you.

Potential Improvements and Future Work

Here are some potential improvements and future work for this tool:

Integration with CMS

  • The meta tags generator for the blogger tool could be integrated with popular content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. This would make it even easier for website owners to generate and update meta tags for their web pages.

Additional Meta Tags  

  •  While the title, description, and keyword tags are the most important meta tags for SEO, other tags can provide additional information to search engines. For example, the author tag, canonical tag, and robots tag. Future work could include supporting these tags in the meta tag generator for bloggers.

Support for Multiple Languages – Currently, the meta description generator from URL only supports English language meta tags. Future work could include supporting other languages and allowing website owners to create meta tags in multiple languages.


Is the meta tag generator tool free to use?

Yes, CodexCoach meta tag generator tool is entirely free.

Does the meta description generator from the URL generate meta tags for images and videos?

No, the meta tag generator from the URL only generates meta tags for web pages and does not support images and videos.

Can I edit the generated meta tags?

You can edit the generated meta tags before adding them to your web page’s HTML code.

How long should my title tag and description tag be?

Your title tag should be at most 70 characters, and your description tag should be at most 160 characters for optimal display in search results.