Link Price Calculator

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Link Price Calculator

Link Price Calculator

The Link Price Checker tool will help you estimate the price of a domain you need to pay to own. You must copy and paste the URL in the input box and click the calculate link price button.

Link Price Calculator

What will the Link Price Checker show to its users?

When you click the calculate link price button, the tool will show you the approximate page views, approximate visits, and approx. Ad revenue in 3 tables for daily, monthly, and yearly values. These values will help you determine the price of the domain if you want to buy it.

  • You can also buy a website if it’s up for sale on a domain seller’s website

You may also contact the website’s owner after you check the link price to buy the domain.

Is the app paid?

Now, for such a useful feature, this app must be paid. However, it is free, and there is no investment.

The advantages of Link Price Checker

This tool offers many advantages over others like it. Let’s see the benefits of using the link price calculator tool.

Quick and accurate results:

No matter how complex the domain or URL is, the tool will give you quick and precise results regarding its price.

Check any domain:

This tool can check any domain or URL from around the internet. Its database has information on over 1000 domains. So you will get the desired results every time.

Simple interface:

Any Link Price Checker on the internet may have a complex interface, making it hard to use, which is undesirable to beginner users. However, this tool has a simple and easy-to-use interface with only one button and an input box, making it popular.


These days, bots also use websites to load websites with heavy traffic, slowing them down. This online tool uses a simple captcha to check if the user is human or a bot, making it more secure. Overall, only verified users can use this tool.

All this is done within minutes, saving precious time you may use to find a domain’s price. 


To summarize, this domain price checker is an excellent tool CoadexCoach that you can use to find the estimated price details of any URL. It’s fast, secure, and easy to use, giving accurate results every time. Plus, it’s free to use, making it very popular. Thank you for reading.