How to Edit Payment Gateway Title and Description in WooCommerce


Setting up your payment gateways is one of the first things you should do when building your WooCommerce store. When it comes to paying for their goods, bank transfers aren’t always a safe or easy alternative.

There are two primary ways to modify your WooCommerce payment gateways.

  • WooCommerce default settings in the Dashboard
  • payment gateways in Programmatically code

Method 1: Set payment gateways in woocommerce

Navigate to and click on the Payments tab inside the WooCommerce > Settings>Payments section of the WordPress dashboard. Here you will find all of the payment gateways that have been enabled for your website.

Set Cash On Delivery ( COD ) By default payment option

Select the manage option on the cash-on-delivery option.

Steps to manage Cash on delivery option

  • Enable COD: tickmark on eneble checkbox
  • Title: Write the title shown to the customer on checkout
  • description: Write info shown to customers when they choose the COD option.
  • Instruction: write how that works
  • Enable shipping methods
  • Enable “Accept for virtual orders”

Method 2: Payment gateways title and description Programmatically code

Paste this code in the functions.php file in your website theme.

Step 1: Change Title

add_filter( 'woocommerce_gateway_title', 'cxc_change_cod_payment_gateway_title', 25, 2 );

function cxc_change_cod_payment_gateway_title( $title, $gateway_id ){
	if( 'cod' === $gateway_id ) {
		$title = 'Cxc Cash on delivery';

	return $title;

Step 2: Change Description

add_filter( 'woocommerce_gateway_description', 'cxc_change_cod_payment_gateway_description', 25, 2 );

function cxc_change_cod_payment_gateway_description( $description, $gateway_id ) {

	if( 'cod' === $gateway_id ) {
		// you can use HTML tags here
		$description = 'Cxc Pay with cash upon delivery. cxc-codexcoach.';

	return $description;

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