Use this Method to Rank your website on the First page of Google 2023


This year, i.e., 2023, you can do many things to rank your website on the first page of Google. However, you can’t use all of the techniques available. It would be too overwhelming and impractical. However, high page rankings also matter. So don’t worry; we have got you the most effective methods, which will do the job for you.    

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Improve on-page SEO: 

  • On-page SEO is the search engine optimization you do by making changes to your website and getting a higher Google SERP ranking. Let’s see some ways to do it.
  1. Uploading high-quality content will drive organic traffic to your site.
  2. You can also improve the UI and UX of your website.
  3. Making your website responsive and faster is also a great way.
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Keyword research:

  • Keyword research is essential in getting your site to the top of search pages. You need to target the best keywords for your website so that crawlers have no issue browsing your website to listing it in its search database. 

Monitor technical SEO:

  • Another way to get your website on top of Google search pages this year is to monitor technical SEO. The aim here is to check and analyze the SEO status of your website. You can do this in the following way.
  1. Search for your website manually.
  2. Crawl your website.
  3. Ensure only 1 version of it can be browsed.
  4. Conduct on-page technical SEO checks.
  5. Manage your internal and external links.
  6. Check your website speed and ramp it up if it’s loading slowly.
  7. Compare website metrics and improve yours. 

Write content plagiarism free:

  • One thing Google hates is plagiarized content. Its advanced algorithm penalizes plagued content and ranks websites having those for lower SERP pages.
  1. Ensure that you write content plagiarism free for your website.
  2. You need to write fresh and high-quality content.
  3. Many plague checkers are available online, which can help you make your content unique.
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Reduce Bounce rate

  • Bounce rate is the rate at which users browse your website but exit from the first page only. If this value is high, your website is getting a lower rank.
  1. The higher bounce rate is because people find your website uninteresting.
  2. Your website loads slowly.
  3. It doesn’t have fresh and engaging content.
  4. The UI and UX are not good.
  5. They didn’t find the product they were looking for.
  • If you can work out what’s wrong with your website, you can quickly reduce the bounce rate and get your website a higher SEO Rank.
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Add only high-quality content

  • Users like fresh and high-quality content only, and if that’s on your website, you get heavy traffic. So add only high-quality content to your website. High-quality content:
  1. Hooks the reader from the first few sentences.
  2. Is fresh and engaging.
  3. Uses dynamic elements such as images and graphics.
  4. It is new and exciting.

Build high-quality backlinks

  • If you can work out what’s wrong with your website, you can quickly reduce the bounce rate and get your website a higher SEO Rank.
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Write eye-catchy title meta descriptions

  • These are what the users see as the highlights of your website’s links that they find on the website.
  1. If you write eye-catchy title meta descriptions, it will interest the user, and you get more clicks.

Research about the targeted audience

  • You need to know A-Z about your target audience. It includes their preferences, shopping habits, location, and much more.
  1. It’s a great way to target keywords for the right market.
  2. You get traffic from where you want.
  • So researching your target audience is essential.

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