Area Conversion: Land Area Calculator for Unit Conversion (2024)

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Area Conversion: Land Area Calculator for Unit Conversion (2024)


An area conversion calculator is a special tool on your phone or computer that helps you convert space measurements from one type to another. It is very handy when you are dealing with land, buildings, or any other space and you need to switch between different ways of measuring it. Instead of doing complex math by hand, this calculator does the hard work for you!

You can measure space in many ways such as square meters, square feet, acres, hectares, square yards, and more. Switching between these measurements can be difficult if you try to do it yourself, especially if you’re dealing with buying or selling property, building a project, or anything else where getting the measurements right is important.

So, the area calculator makes things a lot easier by doing all the difficult conversions for you. Whether you’re working on real estate deals, planning construction projects, or just trying to figure out how big your backyard is, this tool is like your trusty sidekick, helping you get the number right every time.

Commonly Used Area Conversions

1. Square Feet:

The square foot is a unit of measurement with each side one foot long. It is often abbreviated as Sq.ft or ft2. It is commonly used for land surveying in India, US, UK, Canada, and some other countries.

2. Square Meter:

A square meter (sq.m. or m2) is a standard unit used worldwide to measure areas such as floors and grounds. If you double the linear dimensions, the area will quadruple.

3. Hectare:

The hectare (‘ha’) is a metric unit widely used for land measurement. Unlike the acre, which is also common, the hectare is part of the metric system. It is used in many countries including Australia, Canada, India, and UK with different local names in some places.

4. Acre:

The acre is an old unit of land measurement that originated in the imperial system. It is defined as an area one furlong long and four rods wide. It can accommodate different land shapes and is equivalent to 43,560 square feet.

5. Bigha:

Bigha is the traditional unit of measurement in North Indian states like Punjab, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. It varies in size from state to state and is used differently by landowners and in official land surveying.

6. Guntha:

It is a common unit of measurement, especially in North India. A lump is about 1,089 square feet. To give you an idea, 40 bales make up one acre of land.

7. Ground:

This unit is widely used in real estate transactions across India. A plot is about 203 square meters. People often rely on these criteria while buying or selling property.

8. Biswa:

There is no fixed size for Biswa across the country, it is generally considered to be around 1,350 square feet. In Uttar Pradesh, it is used in land measurement, where 1 bigha consists of 10 Kaccha Biswa and 10 Pucca Biswas.

9. Kanal:

In North India, Kanal is a popular unit used to measure land. It is equal to 1/8th of an acre, which is about 4,500 square feet or 605 square yards. This measurement helps people understand the size of their land parcel.

Common Area Converter Units Used in India

Unit of AreaConversion Unit
1 Square Meter (sq. m)10.76391042 Square Feet(sq. ft)
1 Square Inch(sq in)0.0069444 Square Feet(sq. ft)
1 Square Feet (sq. ft)0.092903 Square Meter(sq. m)
1 Square Kilometre (sq. km)247.10 acres
1 Square Yard (sq. yd)0.836127 Square Meter(sq. m)
1 Bigha2,990 Square Yard(sq.yd)
1 Acre4886.92 Gaj
1 Hectare2.49 Acre(ac)
1 Square Mile640 Acres(ac)

FAQs – People Also Ask

Why do we use different area measurements like Guntha or Cent in India?

In India, local units such as Guntha and Cent are used to measure land as they reflect historical and regional traditions. They are especially useful for small plots of land and for finding property values in specific areas or states.

What mistakes should I avoid when working with area measurements?

Some common mistakes include forgetting to convert between units, misunderstanding land records, and not accounting for irregular shapes. It is important to be accurate to avoid mistakes when valuing a property and making a deal.

Why are square meters preferred in international real estate deals?

The square meter is favored in international real estate transactions as it is a globally recognized and standardized unit of measurement. This makes it easier to compare properties and do business in different countries.

What is the difference between a square yard and a square foot?

Both square yards and square feet are used to measure area, but square yards cover a larger area. One square yard is equal to 9 square feet. The square yard is commonly used in India and some parts of the United Kingdom.

How is a square foot different from a square meter?

Both square feet (square feet) and square meters (square meters) are used to measure area, but they come from different systems. One square meter is approximately equal to 10.764 square feet. In the United States, square feet are commonly used, while square meters are more standard in countries that use the metric system, like most of the world.

How do I convert acres to square meters?

To convert acres to square meters, you can use the conversion factor: 1 acre = 4046.86 square meters. Multiply the number of acres you have by this factor to find out how many square meters it equals.