Top 7 AI Video Generators To Use Free

Top AI Video Generators To Use Free

The video production and content creation businesses are only two of many that have significantly benefited from the advent of AI. The proliferation of AI-powered video generators has made it simple for companies and individuals to produce high-quality films that attract and retain viewers. 

By harnessing the processing power of AI algorithms, these programs streamline and expedite the whole video production procedure. Here, we’ll look at some of the best open-source AI video generators you can use to experiment with your ideas without worrying about spending a dime.

7 Best AI Video Generators in 2023

What is the Best AI Video Generator Overall?

Try one of these 7 AI-powered video creators to simplify the process of making videos. Each has its advantages, but which one is best for you will depend on your circumstances, resources, and experience. By incorporating AI video producers into their processes, marketers, content creators, and company owners may save time and money.

Remember that many of these services offer free versions or trials, but these are often saddled with restrictions like watermarked films or a lack of access to premium options. Higher video quality, more personalized choices, and faster access to customer care are just some of the perks of paying for a membership.

7 Best AI Video Generators in 2023

Marketing plans, social media initiatives, and online presentations benefit significantly from using video material in today’s digital era. However, producing films that appear as professionals usually takes a lot of work, money, and technological know-how. This is where synthetically intelligent video creators come in.


Pictory is an artificial intelligence movie creator specializing in transforming still photographs into dynamic motion pictures. Pictory’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for anybody to post photos and benefit from the platform’s advanced AI technology for creating stunning films. The platform improves upon the process of making videos by providing editable templates, animations, and music.


Synthesia is a well-known AI video generator that uses text-to-video technology to create realistic AI-generated videos. Written screenplays may be easily converted into engaging and practical video presentations. Users have access to a wide variety of virtual actors that may be used to add personality to any movie.

Media Shock:

The Wave Video AI video generator is an all-in-one solution for your video marketing needs. It gives users access to various video production, editing, and sharing options. Businesses and marketers may benefit significantly from Wave Video’s AI features, such as its ability to automatically resize videos, convert text to audio, and optimize images.


The Runway is an AI-powered filmmaker that incorporates many forms of AI, such as NLP and computer vision, to produce custom videos for its consumers. It provides a library of ready-to-use models and imaginative resources for making dynamic, engaging films. Users of Runway have access to cutting-edge AI tools for creating groundbreaking videos.

Short Uncuts:

Raw Shorts is an easy-to-use AI movie maker that streamlines the production of short videos. Easy-to-use professional-quality films may be made using its drag-and-drop interface and collection of pre-made themes, animations, and stock material. Automated voiceovers and text-to-speech conversion are only two of the time-saving tools that Raw Shorts provides.


Popular online service Lumen5 uses artificial intelligence to create entertaining films from the text. It uses NLP algorithms to read the text and suggest accompanying images, videos, and audio tracks. Lumen5 is a valuable tool for content makers and marketers because of its user-friendly design and ability to integrate with widely used services like Facebook and YouTube.


FlexClip is an adaptable AI movie maker with several editing options and premade clips. Users may make their movies from scratch, or they can modify pre-made templates better to fit their company’s visual identity and message. FlexClip’s artificial intelligence features make it easy to make professional-quality films, such as automatic subtitle production, voiceover recording, and picture stabilization.


These AI-powered technologies may help you create professional and engaging outcomes, whether you’re trying to turn photographs into videos, text into realistic presentations, or speed up editing. So, use the power of AI video generators to wow your customers and propel your company ahead by exploring the options and letting your imagination run wild.


Is there no cost to use these generative AI video tools?

While many AI video creators mentioned in the article provide free versions or trials, these versions often include restrictions such as watermarked films, less functionality, or poorer output resolutions. More features and perks are available with a paid subscription.

Can I use these AI-powered filmmaking tools if I lack technical know-how?

Most AI movie makers have been built with novices in mind and boast simple interfaces and straightforward controls. They allow users to make polished films without in-depth technical expertise with features like drag-and-drop capability, pre-built templates, and adjustable choices.

How versatile are automated video-making tools nowadays?

There is a great deal of creative leeway afforded by AI video creators. Videos for marketing, social media, presentations, and more may all be animated using this tool. Because each AI video generator has unique features and template options, it’s essential to research to pick the one that works best for you.

Is making money from movies made using an AI video generator possible?

Videos made using AI video generators may or may not be able to be sold, depending on several criteria, such as the platform’s license and terms of service. There may be varying policies regarding the commercial use of AI video generators. Before engaging in any commercial activity on a platform, it is recommended that you first read the platform’s terms and conditions.

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