The best Roadmap to Launching Your Career in Android development: 

A career in Android development is one of the most demanding and offers a high paid job. But it includes learning many roadmaps, software, and tools. In this article, we are going to talk about app development, programming languages, and Android dev roadmap in brief. 

Learning Java or Kotlin Programming Language:

Popular programming languages that build reliable and scalable applications include Java and Kotlin. If this interests you, you may need to know which programming language to study, Java or Kotlin. Keep the following in mind when choosing a language to learn:

  • Use cases and purposes.

Java was released 20 years ago and is used by developers to create normal and business apps. Kotlin is a new programming language released in 2011 that is mainly used to make Android apps. But it’s also becoming very common in other areas, like data science and backend development. 

  • Syntax Learning Curve

Kotlin and Java both are programming languages, Kotlin is often considered more expressive than Java. Kotlin is very easy to use. Kotlin is fully compatible with Java code so it can be a natural alternative to Java.

Getting Familiar with Android Studio:

Interface Introduction Code editor, project browser, Gradle build system, and toolbar are some of the easy-to-use user interface components of Android Studio. Try to spend some time on these items to determine their work.

  • Start a new project

Start a new project from the “Welcome to Android Studio” screen or the “File” option. Select the project name. You can create a basic application that Android Studio will create for you. Android programming roadmap is also very important to start a new project. 

  • Use the code editor 

You can create your code using the Code Editor. Moreover, it provides code completion, syntax highlighting, and other useful tools. Use these functions to create clean code.

  • Run your app

After writing the code, you can launch the app on a real device or an emulator. You can send your app using the emulator in Android Studio or by a USB cable.

The average salary of an Android developer:


The average Android developer’s salary can vary depending on experience, location, and company size. The annual salary of an Android developer in the US is between $80,000 to $150,000.

Android Application Development Basics:

The following steps can be followed to learn the basics of Android app development:


Understanding the Java computer language is essential for creating Android applications. Hence, it is important to understand the working of Java. If you are looking for a reliable Android developing roadmap, then codexcoach is the right choice for you. 



It is important to understand the XML coding language used to design user interfaces. You will learn how to design XML layouts, tools, and views.


Android components and Android API:

If you want to learn about the basics of app development, then these 2 are also very essential. Android Components include services, broadcast receivers, and content providers whereas Android API includes media and location. 

Update your knowledge of Android development trends: 

Here are some tips for staying up to date:

Attend as many conferences and workshops as you can.

If you want yourself up to date, attending conferences and workshops is the best way to do so.

Read blogs about Android development.

There are many blogs and websites dedicated solely to Android development. You can learn new technologies by following other Android Developers and Android Police websites. 

Read the official Google Android Developer Blog.

The official blog is a great place to learn about the latest trends in App development. Google updates itself with information about any new releases. 


What are the best programming languages to make applications?

The best languages are Java and kotlin.

Is app development a good career option?

Yes, app development is a very good career. 

How much average salary can an app developer get?

The salary of an app developer is between $80,000 to $150,000 in the US.