Kotlin Vs Flutter: Which One to Choose? The Ultimate Guide

Flutter vs Kotlin_ Which Is a Better App for Development_

In the fast-paced world of creating mobile apps, developers are always looking for tools that simplify their work and allow them to create amazing apps without much fuss. For those focused on Android, the two big names are Flutter and Native Android Development.

Flutter is a product made by Google. It’s a free tool that lets you create great-looking and smooth-running apps. What’s great about Flutter is that it uses Dart, a programming language, and lets you build apps for phones, computers, and the web from the same set of code.

On the other hand, while people traditionally build apps specifically for Android, they mostly use Kotlin now. Kotlin works well with Java and everything else in the Java world, giving developers tons of tools and options to work with.

I’m here to talk about how Flutter and native Android development are similar and how they differ. This will help you figure out which one you want to use for your next app project.

So, let’s discuss!

Kotlin Vs Flutter Overview

OverviewCross-platform framework launched by GoogleObject-oriented language targeting JavaScript and JVM
Launched ByGoogleJetBrains
First Release20172011
Supported PlatformsAndroid, Google, iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, FuchsiaAndroid, iOS, Windows, Linux, JavaScript
Popular AppsGoogle Ads, Square, BMW, eBayPinterest, Trello, Slack, Evernote
App SizeBiggerLess compared to Flutter
FeaturesHot reload, fully customized widgetsInteroperability with Java, safe, and functional
StatusNew as compared to KotlinStable language since its launch

What Is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a coding language that came out in 2011 and was officially launched in 2016 by a company called JetBrains. It’s designed to work well for coding stuff that’s either object-oriented (like a lot of modern coding) or a step-by-step process. The nice thing about being “statically typed” is that the computer checks what kind of data (like numbers or text) you’re working with when you’re writing your code, so you don’t have to wonder later.

What’s really cool about Kotlin is that it plays nicely with Java, another coding language. This means that you can mix and use both Kotlin and Java together in your projects without much difficulty. Kotlin also creates code that can run in the same environment that Java does. Kotlin’s creators have taken the best parts of other languages like Java, JavaScript, Scala, and C# to make it convenient and easy for developers to choose from, especially if they want to do a little bit of everything.

Now let me introduce what is Flutter and see what it’s all about.

What Is Flutter?

Google created a toolkit called Flutter in 2017 that makes it easy for people to build apps. It’s like a big box of building blocks (widgets, tools, and other stuff) that developers can use to build apps for phones, computers, websites, and some gadgets.

Flutter is not a programming language. Think of it more like a toolset that comes with everything a developer needs to build an app. The actual language used with Flutter is called Dart, and Google came up with it in 2011. Dart is great for building apps that work smoothly on both phones and the web.

Next, let’s compare Kotlin and Flutter in Key Points:

Comparison Between Flutter vs Kotlin

Difference Between Flutter Vs Kotlin

What It IsFlutterKotlin
Simple ExplanationA tool that lets you make apps for phones, computers, and the web all at once with pre-made parts.A special language for making Android apps that can also work with Java stuff.
Who Made It?Google in May 2017JetBrains in July 2011
Language UsedUses Dart to make apps.Uses itself (it’s a language) and works with Java, running on web, computer, and phone stuff.
Friends and FansLots of people are talking about it and using it (54,930 projects and 4,500 fans).Quite a few people like it too, but not as many (1,500 projects and 136 fans).
Easy to Pick Up?Dart is pretty straightforward for making apps that work everywhere.Easier to get if you know Java, with a clean and simple way of writing that’s easy to learn.
Cool FactorVery trendy for making apps that work on all gadgets.Cool for making Android apps, not as big as Flutter but still liked.
Helpful GuidesSuper well-organized instructions all in one spot.Good guides too, but it’s a bit of a work in progress since it keeps changing.
Where You Can Use ItWrite once, and make it run on phones (iPhone, Android), web, and computers (Windows, Mac, Linux).Mainly for Android apps, but you can also make web apps and even iPhone apps if you’re clever with it.
Making It Look GoodYou can tweak it however you want for a cool look.Gives apps a native feel, so they fit in well with the phone.
Famous Apps Made With ItKlasterMe, Xianyu by Alibaba, Google Ads, SpaceX Go, and many more.Netflix, Square, Swiggy, Duolingo, Trello, and others.

Flutter vs Kotlin Comparison Chart


Pros of Kotlin Multiplatform

  • Works easily with apps you already have.
  • Easy to pick up, especially if you know Swift or Java.
  • Lets you write one set of code for the content your app does, whether it’s on a phone or a computer.
  • Keep the look of your app realistic and familiar by using design materials commonly used by every device.

Cons of Kotlin Multiplatform

  • It’s not completely over yet, so some businesses want to wait.
  • Not a ton of people are using it yet, so it can be hard to find help or additional tools.
  • You need to be comfortable with more than just Kotlin; It’s a bit of a technical mix.
  • Compared to something like Flutter, it might take a bit more time and effort to get things going.

Pros of Flutter Multiplatform

  • Quick updates as you code with Hot Reload.
  • One set of code works everywhere on iPhones, Android phones, computers, and the web.
  • Smooth and fast app look thanks to Skia Graphics.
  • Make your app look unique with custom designs.
  • Lots of help and love from the Flutter community.

Cons of Flutter Multiplatform

  • Learning Dart, a different programming language, can be tough.
  • Not as many pre-made tools and parts as you’d find making apps the usual way.
Kotlin Vs Flutter Which One to Choose


Choosing between Kotlin and Flutter is not an easy decision.

Kotlin is becoming very popular, especially as big companies like Google are really into it. At the same time, Flutter, which is created by Google, is getting more attention and is expected to grow a lot because Google has big plans for it.

When it comes to how well Kotlin and Flutter work, both are really good at what they are designed to do.

Experience tells us that when big companies like Google are really interested in something, it’s likely to have a great future. So, we can expect both Kotlin and Flutter to do well in the future!

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