The 10 Worst Mistakes Advanced WordPress Developers Make

By: CodexCoach jan. 23rd, 2023

WordPress is a popular platform for quickly launching a website. However, in their haste, many developers make disastrous decisions.

1. Putting WordPress Theme JavaScript Code in a Single File

2. Using Overly Popular Variable, Function, Constant, or Class Names

3. Not Making Full Use of Existing WordPress Core Functionality

4. Making the plugin or theme stressful to modify via actions and filters

5. Developing with WP_DEBUG Set to false 

6. Writing PHP code without considering the possibility that the page will be cached one day

7. Not Tracking Changes Made Professionally Using a Version Control System Like Git

8. Enqueuing CSS and JavaScript Files When They Are Not Needed

9. Instead of static code, use.php files to output CSS or JavaScript code. CSS and JS Source Code

10. Not Using the Right Code Organization for the WordPress Plugins and Themes

11. Not Taking WordPress Security Seriously When Writing Code


Everyone makes errors, and each one is an opportunity to grow. As WordPress developers, we work at a breakneck pace, and there is no one "correct way" to accomplish things.