What is the future of PHP developer in 2023? 

By: CodexCoach feb. 10th, 2023

PHP is open-source and free. It is regularly updated to keep up with the latest technology trends.

Now, many large corporations are launching php projects, increasing the need for php developers in comparison to Java and Dot Net programmers.

There are several small and popular php-based online web apps functioning online, all of which are handled and enhanced by php developers.

PHP is used to power almost 79% of all websites on the internet. It denotes that this scripting language reigns supreme in server-side programming.

According to Statista, PHP will be the most used programming language in 2022, accounting for 47% of the market.

You should be aware that PHP is the first choice of many prominent brands. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and other well-known platforms are examples.

CMS that support PHP make it simple to publish a website. As a result, this might be a suitable starting point for PHP development in the future.

Web app creation with PHP has never been easier than with the current version 8.1. It includes new features and enhancements.

PHP jobs are among the most in-demand in the programming world. With so many new websites being developed in PHP.

In the present and future, establishing a website is a priority for your business on the Internet; for a developer, the key processes are designing and development.

Please keep in mind that as long as the development community works to improve PHP, it will not go away anytime soon. so PHP developers job are safe in 2023 future.

Candidates who want to advance their careers as PHP developers may simply apply because it provides a broad potential for future development.

“Despite all of the assertions that PHP is dead, this programming language has a bright future.”

- CodexCoach

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