Best Woo commerce plugin to increase sales

Are you finding plugins that can increase your sales? then you are at right place...

An organization may need to occasionally modify the pricing information for certain items or all items listed based on quantities.

Lets know "How to set  the prices of items based on quantity" on WooCommerce.  This add-on lets you set different rates for different order.

Lets know "How to set  the prices of items based on quantity" on WooCommerce.  This pricing strategy may boost sales and customer loyalty.

Download this popular plugin to set price based on quantity. Click on download now button.

Step 1: Download Plugin

When installing a plugin for your WooCommerce shop, go to the WordPress dashboard and choose “Plugins” > “Add New.

Step 2: Install Plugin on wordpress

After installing this plugin activate it. so you can use it for your website.

Step 3: Activate the plugin

Following activation, the plugin’s settings may be changed by going to  WooCommerce >> Settings >> Product Quantity Range Price

Step 3: Configure the settings

After the pricing parameters have been decided upon, the plugin should undergo a thorough test to ensure it functions as intended.

Step 4: Test the plugin

You will be able to build up various discount rules that will help you reach various business goals with the use of this plugin.

Benefits of this plugin

When you provide discounts on your online business, you will naturally see a rise in revenue due to higher sales volume.

1. Increase revenue

This would greatly improve consumer experience and simplify pricing administration, particularly for wholesale companies

2. Personalized pricing

One of the key measures that will provide you with information about your store's performance is average order value. 

3. Enhance average order value

Hopefully, this story has familiar you with a few factors in which you may implement quantity-based pricing and discounts on your WooCommerce site.  For more details Contact us.