Your  E-Commerce Store for the Holiday Season

How can your brand prepare for the holiday surge and maximize your end-of-the-year sales?

Augment Your Site Performance

As the internet expands, performance remains key to a site’s overall success.

Ensure a Quality Mobile Experience

The mobile shopping trend is growing quickly—in fact, 59% of shoppers cite mobile shopping as an important factor when deciding which brand or retailer to buy from.

Prepare for a Traffic Increase

Make sure your website can handle a sudden increase in traffic and won't suffer as a result. 

Check Your Load Speed

Check your load speed to ensure that your site is loading as quickly as possible so you can avoid alienating impatient customers.

Review Your Checkout Experience

Frictionless checkout is vital to ensuring a smooth shopping experience that leads to purchase. 

Offer Multiple Payment Methods

If you are limited in what you can offer, prioritize which payment methods you will offer based on research into your target audience’s preferences.

Analyze Security Measures

Make sure you have adequate security measures in place so that your customers’ personal information or payment data can’t be stolen by online hackers.

Consider Your User Experience

Customers with purchase intent can be easily deterred by an unsatisfactory user experience.

Clarify Shipping & Return Policies

They will also want to know, should the item not work out for them, what their options are in terms of returns and exchanges.

Increase Digital Support

Add chatbots to your site to answer frequently asked questions in the form of an actual person to save on live resources.


Don’t allow upgrading the structure of your e-commerce site to fall behind your other holiday preparation tasks.