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How use ChatGPT with Siri using this simple Trick in iphone

ChatGPT is the most popular thing in technology right now, and it is available to anyone. On iPhone and iPad, you can use shortcuts to activate ChatGPT for your queries and instructions.

Simply launch Safari or your preferred iOS browser tool and navigate to This is where you can join up for ChatGPT.

Step 1: Signup for Chatgpt

Open the SiriGPT shortcut page and tap Add shortcut. swipe left to more.

Step 2: Download the SiriGPT shortcut

Log in to your OpenAI account, then select the three lines symbol in the upper right corner. At the foot of the Settings Menu, select View API credentials.

Step 3: Get your your OpenAI API Keys

Tap Create new private key, then duplicate, and OK to end the window.

Step 4: Copy your secret API key

Launch the Shortcuts app, then locate the SiriGPT shortcut and press the three dots to modify it. Replace "ADD API KEY HERE" with your API key.

Step 5: Add your API into the SiriGPT shortcut

Tap Enable Dictation, then toggle Enable Dictation on and tap Enable Dictation again.

Step 6: Enable Dictation

Return to the Shortcuts option and select SiriGPT. A privacy caution will appear, requesting that you grant the link access to Speech Recognition.

Step 7: Allow SiriGPT Speech Recognition access

Tap the SiriGPT shortcut again to run it, and ask a question. A Privacy pop up will appear asking you to allow SiriGPT to send text to the OpenAI API.

Step 8: Allow SiriGPT to use your OpenAI API

press Done, then press pose Again if you want to pose another question. When you're done, press the Done button.

Step 9: Finish the interaction

You can easily ask Siri to "run SiriGPT," but Back Tap is more convenient. Open Settings and then select Accessibility.

Step 10: Open the Back Tap menu

Note that while using ChatGPT through a web browser may not be as convenient as using Siri, it still provides access to the powerful language model and its capabilities.