Chatbots are AI-powered digital assistant tools that enable you to interact with website visitors and customers to generate leads

In this section, I have reviewed and ranked the best Shopify chatbot apps based on their ease of use, pricing, and the above-listed features.

Shopify Chatbot Apps

Tidio is the best Shopify chatbot app that can automate every aspect of your sales and customer service conversations.

1. Tidio

Collect customer information with Gobot's drawing in Shoppable Quiz, and develop your email and SMS promoting records quicker than ever.

2. Gobot

Gorgias is one of the best eCommerce customer service software with built-in ticketing & helpdesk capabilities.

3. Gorgias

Formilla is a versatile Shopify chatbot app that enables you to provide 24-7 sales and customer support to your customers and website visitors.

4. Formilla

Ochatbot is a popular Shopify chatbot app that helps in skyrocketing your store’s sales and revenue.

5. Ochatbot is a top-rated AI-powered Shopify chat assistant that automates both your sales & support tasks to provide excellent pre-purchase


It helps escalate your store’s sales by automatically sending abandoned cart reminders, order updates, and personalized coupons by engaging

7. Manychat

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, staying ahead means adapting to changes. Shopify chatbots are more than a trend;