Top Secret Hidden WordPress Features You Might Not Know About!

By: CodexCoach jan. 25th, 2023

WordPress has so many functions that it may be difficult to keep track of them all.

We are all aware that WordPress CMS runs the majority of websites worldwide, and because it is free and easily configurable, company owners prefer it to develop sites.

In today's piece, I'll reveal 20 of these secret WordPress features so you can get the most out of the world's most popular CMS.

Do you want to save time when formatting content? You can formatting shortcuts in WordPress. Simply put them into the visual editor, and WordPress will format them for you.

1. Formatting Shortcuts

A button on the top right of the WordPress editor allows you to write in distraction-free mode, hiding the WordPress sidebar and any panels around the text editor.

2. Mode of Distraction-Free Writing

If your long-form material isn't being read in its entirety, consider breaking it up into different pages. Many blog readers are pressed for time.

3. Divide your post into many pages

Did you know that WordPress has picture editing capabilities? To be sure, it's not as powerful as applications like Photoshop.

4. WordPress Image Editor

Widgets allow you to add a variety of interesting materials to your WordPress sidebars. it fairly easy to place due to the core's simple drag-and-drop functionality.

5. Widget Accessibility Mode

WordPress 4.5 introduced responsive previews, which allow you to see how your website would look on tablets and mobile devices.

6. Previews that are responsive

This is one of the interesting little secrets you should be aware of. WordPress contains a secret Master Options Panel in the admin panel.

7. Master Options Panel Is Hiding

WordPress allows you to add articles, pages, external links, and categories to your menus by default. Other menu items, such as tags, can, however, be added.

8. Menus can contain anything

Similarly, you may include media in your postings by simply copying a supported URL. This makes it extremely simple to incorporate many types of media into your material.

9. Quickly Insert Media

WordPress also allows for post scheduling, which can be found in the Publish panel adjacent to the visual editor.

10. Schedule Posts

Even if you consider yourself a WordPress expert, you could learn something new or refresh your knowledge about regularly neglected capabilities.