Top Python Applications you should know about

This web story is to provide you with a short list of a few of the most important Python applications that you need to know if you are a Python programmer.

What is Python?

A high-level, general-purpose language that started as an OOP language but has evolved into an interpreted one. It makes programming fun and interactive, encouraging users to learn.

1. Web Development 

Python is commonly used for creating interactive web applications and offers may frameworks to work with.  It is also suitable for many other types of programs.

2. Game Development 

Python language may be used for the creation and control of video games, as well as for the control of characters in a game and the actions of a game's elements.

3. Machine Learning 

Python's simplicity makes it ideal for Artificial Intelligence and ML. It has a great community, includes several frameworks and libraries, and is platform independent.

4. Data Science & Visualization

Python provides many ready-to-use functions and modules for data visualization, making it very suitable for data visualization. 

5. Desktop GUI

Python is good for apps that run on desktop GUIs. It offers GUI like windows, buttons, etc., and ready-to-use functions and modules for drawing lines, graphics, and data visualization.

6. Web Scraping APP

Python is being used to scrape data from websites, databases, and other data sources. The language is most popular among data scientists and web scraping applications.

7. Business Application

With Python, it is easier to write programs for managing inventory, tracking profits, creating software for automating repetitive tasks, and many more.


Python is a powerful and flexible programming language that is used for many different reasons.