Python is widely regarded as the best beginner’s programming language because of its high user readability

Developers use web scraping libraries to create in-house web crawlers.

Python Web scraping libraries & tools

ZenRows API is a Python web scraping library that can avoid some of the most common scraping issues

1. ZenRows

Request is without a doubt the most popular Python library for handling HTTP requests. The application lives up to its tagline

2. Request Library

The request library’s drawback of parsing HTML is eliminated by the LXML library.


It is probably the go-to library for python web scraping tools because it is easier to use for both beginners and experts.

4. BeautifulSoup

Scrapy is an open-source, collaborative framework for extracting data from websites. Scrapy is a fast high-level web crawling

5. Scrapy

This library allows you to simulate dynamic website actions such as button clicks, form filling, and more.

6. Selenium

It uses a PoolManager instance, which is a response object that manages connection pooling and thread safety.

7. urllib3

Python offers a robust ecosystem, with the number of web scraping library available, it has emerged as the popular choice for  developers.