Generative AI, a subset of AI, focuses on teaching machines to produce original and creative content.

ChatGPT, an OpenAI creation, is a dynamic language model known for its remarkable ability to produce lifelike text.

1. ChatGPT

Scribe is prowess in summarizing articles, crafting reports, and aiding academic writing is unparalleled.

2. Scribe

AlphaCode, a revolutionary coding assistant, leverages generative AI to empower developers.

3. AlphaCode

GitHub Copilot revolutionizes coding through collaborative features and integration with popular code editors.

4. GitHub Copilot

GPT-4 represents a leap forward in AI language models, boasting enhanced text generation across various domains.

5. GPT-4

Bard emerges as a cutting-edge chatbot and content-generation tool developed by Google. It leverages LaMDA, a transformer-based model

6. Bard

Natural language processing (NLP) jobs may benefit greatly from the sophisticated AI capabilities of OpenAI tools.

7. OpenAI satisfies the SOC 2 Type II requirements as set out by the AICPA in its Statement on Auditing Standards (SSAE) 18.


Applications and technologies based on generative artificial intelligence may be used for various professional and personal endeavours.