Mobile apps are an excellent way to connect with customers, increase engagement, and boost revenue. However, having an app is just the beginning.

The ability of your app to retain users over time is a critical indicator of its long-term viability.

1. Retention Rates

LTV is the crystal ball that forecasts the total revenue a user will Mobile App KPIs generate throughout their time with your app.

2. Lifetime Value

The alchemy of turning users into paying customers is captured in your conversion rates.

3. Conversion Rates

CPA tells you the price of bringing a new user aboard your app’s journey. It’s the compass that ensures your marketing spend......

4. Cost Per Acquisition

Crash rates give you insight into the stability and health of your app’s infrastructure.

5. Crash Rates

Monitoring network issues helps you navigate and avoid the storms that can disrupt user experience.

6. Network Issues

The lifeblood of any app, DAU, give you a clear picture of how many users interact with your app daily and monthly.

7. Daily Active Users

The number of times that an app gets downloaded to a device is perhaps the simplest

8. Mobile Downloads

As we conclude this voyage through the world of Mobile App KPIs, remember that these metrics are more than just numbers; they are the narrative of your app’s journey.