Lead generation — the process of attracting and capturing potential customers — is a central part of just about every business you can think of.

Lead generation bots are a type of conversational AI chatbot designed specifically to navigate the customer through the sales funnel.

By being available 24/7, a lead generation chatbot can immediately respond to potential customers and nurture customer relationships

24/7 availability

Comparing customers’ answers to the knowledge-base to determine if they qualify as high-intent leads

Instant lead qualification

Chatbots can automate the data collection from target customers, a process otherwise done manually from lead generation forms.

Automated data collection

Lead generation chatbots excel in engaging potential customers with their real-time responses.

Enhanced customer engagement

The culmination of all the aforementioned benefits of using chatbots in the lead generation process increases operational efficiency and lowers costs.

Reduced costs

Lead generation chatbots can offer a wealth of useful analytical data, which would have been difficult and time-consuming to capture manually.

Detailed analytics

The omnichannel presence of a chatbot can improve lead generation by interacting with high-quality leads across websites, social media platforms, messaging apps, etc.


By using a lead generation chatbot, companies can screen more website visitors and identify more leads without increasing customer service teams’ workload.

Scalable lead

Your lead generation chatbot is not just about automation but more about personalization, efficiency, and delivering a superior experience to your visitors.