How to Create Custom Meta Box For Multiple Images in WordPress

By CodexCoach 20-01-2023

Hello, in this post I build multiple image upload custom fields to the page post type; if you want to use it for another post type, simply change the post type name.

Guys, there are two ways to make a meta box like that. The first is a simple one. But don't worry, no matter which way you select, I'll cover both of them in this guide.

Let's start with the easiest. So, in order to make a multiple image upload meta box, simply follow these simple steps:

Insert the following code into your theme's functions.php file. Check that the multiple image upload custom field is added to each page from WordPress admin.

– The code starts by defines an action hook, add_action( ‘add_meta_boxes’, ‘cxc_media_uploader_meta_box’ ) – The next step defines a function called cxc_media_uploader_meta_box. – This is the name of the function that will be used to create and manage this meta box

A post object is sent as a parameter to the function. The post object includes details about the current post, such as the ID and title. It also has various techniques for gathering information about the current user.

What is Paramaters?

This code's goal is to store the value of a meta box in the database. This code is used in WordPress to produce numerous featured images.

What is the purpose of this code?

The gallery system works by simply setting the WordPress media ID number to an array that we will send to the meta box field that we defined previously. The array will just be a collection of comma separated integers, each of which represents a media item.

How does Gallery System work?

Creating custom meta boxes is relatively straightforward, at least once you've done it once with the tools baked into WordPress' core code.

A post meta box is a movable box that appears on the post editing screen. Its aim is to let the user to choose or insert information that is not included in the main post text. This data should be relevant to the article in some manner.

After you've copied, pasted, and tested the code from this lesson, I invite you to try something a little more sophisticated. If you want to see just how effective meta boxes and post information can be, go here.

We've spent the last decade educating our audience how to code. Hopefully, this will assist others in creating Custom Meta Box For Multiple Images in WordPress!