Google Ads Trends to Consider in Marketing Strategy

Every time Google changes its ranking algorithm. Even little changes can result in large reduce in traffic.

By : CodexCoach            May  07, 2023

In this Story, you'll learn about the most recent improvements to Google's advertising platform, what they represent for you, and how you can utilise them to gain consumers more efficiently.

One of the most prominent Google Ad trends for 2023 is expected to be Performance Max Campaigns. These campaigns to optimise your adverts across a variety of networks.

Performance Max Campaigns

One of the latest trends in Google Ads is the introduction of new local campaign formats. These trends are used by businesses to promote their products online.

Local Campaigns Formats

This new feature allows advertisers to optimize their bids toward a target return on ad spend (ROAS) instead of just optimizing toward conversions or clicks.

Target ROAS Bidding

Product feeds have become an essential tool for advertisers looking to promote their products through Google Ads. With the rise of video advertising.

Product Feeds

Enhanced Conversions help track website visits and downloads that happen after a user clicks on an ad. This feature uses machine learning.

Enhanced Conversions

Shopify integration allows advertisers to create and manage their Google Ads campaigns directly from within their Shopify dashboards.

Shopify Integration

Conducting research and doing it through the proper channels is important, as only then can consumer behavior be portrayed the right way.

Keyword Research Strategy

In September 2020, Google introduced Consent Mode, a method that adjusts how Google tags behave based on the consent status of a website’s visitors.

Conversion Modeling

In July 2020, Google announced the launch of an image extensions beta program for its search-based ads. These images are clickable and cost the same as text-based ads.

Image Extensions

Customer Match is a feature that allows you to use your online and offline data to target those customers across Google’s channels and other customers that look like them.

Instant Customer Match Rates

All of the Google Ads trends we discussed today are only a few of the many that will emerge in the future. As a marketer, it is your obligation to be prepared for the ongoing stream of changes.