As the number of e-commerce mobile apps users has exceeded desktop users across the globe, everything, including services, products, and even supplies.

Numerous studies conducted by Oracle and Mobile Smith have shown that over 60% of users prefer mobile apps to mobile sites.

Benefits of ecommerce App

Apps are generally 1.5 times faster than mobile websites and also perform actions much faster.

1. Mobile Apps are Faster

With an app that works seamlessly across all devices (and even offline), your customers will be able to browse your products

2. Higher Conversion Rates

The mobile applications offer seamless experiences with their ability to work offline and online.

3. Instant Online and Offline Access

Mobile apps have an added advantage that you can code an app using various features of a native device.

4. Using Device Features

The ability to send instant, non-intrusive notifications to users of your app is one of the main reasons businesses

5. Instant Notifications

Your mobile application becomes your brand ambassador. Unlike websites that rely on browsers to support functions

6. Branding and Design

Mobile apps have their own interfaces that allow users to have an immersive two-way experience.

7. Interactive Engagement