Let us discuss some of The Best Tools for Angular Development that are available for Angular web application development in a very smart and efficient way.

Karma is one of the most widely used Angular development tools. It provides the facility of coding on laptop/desktop browsers, phones, and even tablets.

1. Karma

Visual Studio is a comprehensive integrated development environment (IDE) popularly known for its flexibility, user-friendly interface & comprehensive set of features.

2. Visual Studio

Webstorm offers intelligent coding options to AngularJS developers with great navigation tools as well as error-detecting features.

3. Webstorm

A framework for superior app development, it offers an automatic and interactive application development environment.

4. Protractor

Angular-cli-ghpages is a tool that simplifies the deployment of Angular applications to GitHub pages.

5. Angular CLI

It focuses on providing a flexible and customizable video player that can easily be integrated into Angular projects.

6. Videogular

AngularFire is the officially supported library for Firebase and Angular, providing a real-time backend for applications.

7. AngularFire

Mocha.js is a feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on Node.js, which provides a flexible and comprehensive....

8. Mocha.js

The tools we talked about in this guide help with different parts of your project, like testing, organizing code, or making your app work in different languages.