7 Most Common Schema Markups In SEO

Discover the top 6 schema markups used in SEO to boost your website's visibility and improve search engine rankings. 

What is Schema Markup?

Search Engines work hard to understand the content of the page. That is where Schema markup comes into play.

7 Common Schema Markups

1. Organization Schema 2. Review Schema 3. Product Schema 4. Article Schema 5. Breadcrumb Schema 6. FAQ Schema 7. Video Schema 

1. Organization        Markups

This type of markup provides pertinent information about a company or organization, such as its name, contact details, social media, and other relevant data.

2. Review          Schema

It provide ratings and reviews for products, services, businesses, and other entities. It enables search engines to exhibit star ratings and review snippets in search results.

3. Product          Schema

Used to describe specific products, this markup includes details such as the product's name, brand, price, availability, description, and reviews.

4. Article           Schema

This markup is employed for news articles, blog posts, and other editorial content. It has information like  author, publish date, article body, and any associated images.

5. Breadcrumb         Schema

This markup aids search engines in comprehending the structure of a website & displays breadcrumbs in search results. Consequently, find it easier to navigate a website.

6. FAQ       Schema

FAQ Schema provide concise answers to frequently asked questions. It enhances search results by displaying FAQs directly, improving visibility and user experience.

7. Video           Schema

It is still tough for search engines to crawl video content. Adding VideoObject markup is a good way to help Google crawl and index the video on your website.

Other  Schema Markups

It evaluates a business on a numeric scale and fits in multiple businesses, either e-commerce sites or local business sites.