Top Secret Hidden WordPress Features You Might Not Know About


WordPress is one of the most well-known CMS or Content Management Systems and website creators. It is because so many people use it, and although you may have been using it for years, you might need to learn about these hidden WordPress features. This blog will briefly discuss these features so that you can use WordPress to its full potential.

Hidden WordPress features you should know about

Often when we use an application, we only use a few features, WordPress included. But each application has tons of features, which can become handy anytime. The idea is to explore any application to use to its full potential. So here are WordPress features you may need to learn about.

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Formatting Shortcuts:

If you want to save time formatting, here are some shortcuts you may want to use often.

  1. # for H1, ## for H2, ### for H3 and so on.
  2. * or – for unordered lists.
  3. 1) for ordered lists.
  4. A handy hidden WordPress feature indeed is > for blockquotes.
  5. – for horizontal lines.
  6. ‘..’ for code block.
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Mode of Distraction-Free Writing:

Enable it by pressing a button on the top-right of the editor. It temporarily hides everything other than the format tools and type-screen.


Divide your post into many pages:

Make your post look less lengthy. All you have to do is switch to the text editor and insert the following HTML code from where you wish to split content. You can do it as many times as you like.


WordPress Image Editor:

WordPress offers an in-built image editor, allowing you to crop, resize, flip, or rotate images. To access this hidden WordPress feature, navigate to Media > Library > [Select Image] > Edit Image.  

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Widget Accessibility Mode:

This mode lets you click to place widgets on the screen. Access it by going to Appearance > Widgets > Screen Options > Enter accessibility mode.


Responsive previews:

The latest WordPress editions let you preview web pages as they will appear on mobile and tablet screens. Navigate to Appearance > Customize and choose from the three tabs on the bottom-left.

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Master Options Panel Is Hiding:

A Master Options Panel lets you tweak advanced settings. It’s accessible via “”


Menus can contain anything:

Find Appearance > Menus. You can add tags or any other menu item that way.  

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Quickly Insert Media:

Paste the URL in the editor, and it will be embedded into your post if WordPress supports it.


Schedule Posts:

In the publish panel, click edit next to publish immediately. Now you can select from the various dates and times to schedule when to post that particular content.   

This wraps up our post on WordPress features that users may need to learn about. WordPress offers several hidden features that make websites and adding content more straightforward and practical. By using these features, we can use the CMS to its full potential. Thank you for reading.

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