Top 10 Free Bootstrap Admin Template In 2023

Top 10 Free Bootstrap Admin Template In 2023

Everybody knows the significance of good user interface design when creating a website. Both the front and rear ends need to be user-friendly and comfy. 

The appearance of backends has changed drastically since Bootstrap was first created. Bootstrap is a modern, mobile-friendly framework that’s flexible and enables quick access to an extensive collection of widgets and other UI elements. 

The question, therefore, becomes how to identify the optimal Bootstrap admin template for your online project. Have no fear! Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

The best free Bootstrap admin templates will be discussed in this post. These themes have a user-friendly dashboard packed with advanced tools for analytics, personalization, and more. 

Let’s jump right in here! 

Best Free Admin Templates Built With Bootstrap

1. Cork

The most excellent Bootstrap admin template is called Cork. It has a wide range of features and uses standard, reusable, and adaptable components. The HTML5, CSS, and Bootstrap frameworks are the backbone of this design.

If you’re working on a back-end project, look no further than Cork, a robust CRM admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap and Sass. It has several pre-built JavaScript applications that may be used to quickly and easily create your next server-side program.

Thanks to the variety of high-quality demos included with the CRM Admin theme, you won’t have to start from scratch.

You may include a wide variety of pre-built elements, such as buttons, maps, charts, widgets, forms, tables, and more, into your project thanks to the extensive library of reusable components included with Cork Admin. The layout responds to the size of the user’s screen and adjusts accordingly. Use the bundled apps, components, and pages to get a head start on your next project with the help of the Cork Admin template. 

2. Apex

Based on Angular 14+ and Bootstrap 4 stable, Apex admin is a highly adaptable, powerful, clean, contemporary, and responsive admin template. The Angular CLI makes it simple to keep this pre-built application running smoothly. There are 100+ pages, 500+ components, 50+ charts, 50+ advance cards (widgets), and many more features. 

You may choose from 7 solid, seven gradient menu colors, and three widths. The code is very user-friendly and includes a quick-start guide for programmers. The layout maintains its tidiness and responsiveness across all devices and browsers.

Both AOT and Lazy Loading are included in the Apex admin template. With AOT, the browser acquires a pre-compiled copy of the program. The browser fetches executable code to avoid waiting for the program to be compiled before it can be shown. Lazy Loading enables the asynchronous loading of JavaScript components upon activating a specific route.

Apex Admin’s numerous sample pages are pre-built with various features that may be easily modified to suit your needs. There are a few templates from which to choose. This theme includes various in-demand UI elements in a consistent color palette.

3. Skote

Developer-friendly coding, Multi-Lingual support, and a few reusable components set Skote apart as a premium admin dashboard template built in HTML & Laravel 10. This template also comes with Sketch, Figma, and XD files.

Beautifully constructed, sleek, and minimally designed, Skote is an admin dashboard template that offers both left-to-right (RTL) and right-to-left (LTR) layouts. SaaS-based interfaces, online stores, cryptocurrency, customer relationship management systems, content management systems, project management software, administrative control panels, and many other types of web applications are all possible to create.

Skote has many cutting-edge design widgets that adapt to every screen size. We’ve also included six unique Layout options. Since CSS variables control the layout, each modification to the currently running program requires just a few lines of code. To boost speed, we have designed standard and developer-friendly code. Change the value of the sass color variable or create a new color scheme file to get the desired effect.

4. Gull

Gull is a fully-featured Laravel administration template built on the latest Bootstrap 4 foundation. It’s packed with clever development tools like Gulp, Babel, and Browsersync, and it’s entirely responsive thanks to its use of SASS, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery plugins. 

It may be used to create any backend for any type of web or cross-platform application, including but not limited to chat applications, eCommerce backends, content management systems, customer relationship management systems, ERP systems, and SAAS systems. Gull gives you the necessary user interface elements to load and display data sets of any size.

5. Codebase

Codebase is a highly adaptable UI framework that can be used to create any page with the same speed and power thanks to its use of Bootstrap 5, ECMAScript 6, and Sass. It has a beautiful dark theme and does not rely on jQuery for its essential JS capabilities. 

It includes both an HTML and a PHP version, so you can get your project up and running quickly. You can get started with your Laravel 10 project right now, thanks to the bundled Laravel 10 Starter Kit. It was designed to be as lightweight and time-saving as feasible. It’s very customizable, has many excellent features, and is completely modular.

With Codebase, you can quickly build custom admin panels, dashboards, content management systems, customer relationship management systems, portfolios, blogs, and business websites. It’s a professional, contemporary, complete, and adaptable UI framework. 

6. Fury

Fury is an innovative admin template with a material design created using Angular 14 and Angular-CLI. Extending the Angular team’s Material Design components provides you with everything you need to launch your next CRM, CMS, or dashboard-based project.

The modular component configuration made possible by AngularJS2 / Angular2 / Angular12 /Angular13/Angler 14 makes it the ideal framework for developing enterprise-scale apps. All new features are always tailored to their components and may be easily uninstalled by deleting the relevant folder.

7. Sash

Sash — This admin template will let you create beautiful dashboards that will wow your users. A solid and well-structured dashboard takes plenty of time and effort to code in HTML, SCSS, CSS, and JS from scratch, but with our Sash – Admin template, you can make your dashboard with little work and time spent on setup. 

One advanced dashboard option is the Sash admin template. It also has a high-end admin panel where users can make quick and simple adjustments to their projects as they see fit. 

Admin & Dashboard in Bootstrap 5 The menu structure may be vertical or horizontal. Only one set of resources is responsible for both menus, where the option to change the menu from vertical to horizontal is readily available.

8. Metrica

Metrica is a Bootstrap 5 UI kit and admin dashboard for various applications. It has excellent capabilities that make creating web apps quick and straightforward, and it is responsive. 

You can make a bespoke admin panel, dashboard app, or a saas-based application since many premade layouts, components, elements, widgets, and application pages are available. The code is tidy and modular, so making changes is straightforward.

9. elastic ui

Created using Angular 14+ and the Angular-CLI, “elastic ui” is an innovative admin template with a material look. Extending the Angular team’s Material Design components provides you with everything you need to launch your next CRM, CMS, or dashboard-based project.

Building massive business applications with a modular component structure is a breeze using Angular, AngularJS2, Angular 2, or Angular 14. All new features are always tailored to their components and may be easily uninstalled by deleting the relevant folder.

The template is completely modular, with each page having its module and new pages being readily added by simply producing a component using the fantastic Angular-CLI.

10. AdminPro Dashboard

The AdminPro Dashboard is a well-liked, free WebApp theme for control panels and other management interfaces. Using the Bootstrap 5 Stable CSS framework, AdminPro is an entirely responsive HTML template. It uses all of Bootstrap’s components and restyles several popular plugins to provide a uniform look that may serve as the UI for backend programs. AdminPro Admin is designed on a modular framework, making it flexible and extensible.


It’s essential for a Bootstrap admin template to look nice and function well. The interface has to be intuitive, and there needs to be many ways to personalize the product. It also has to be adaptable to different screen sizes and mobile devices.

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