Top open-source tooltip plugins: jQuery, CSS, and JavaScript

Top open-source tooltip plugin: jQuery, CSS, and JavaScript
What is a tooltip?
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What is a tooltip?

You might have heard about info tips or hints. Or you may have heard about the tooltip plugin. These are all just different names for the same graphical user interface component.

 An element used as a guideline to the user. These can be text boxes that display information about that element or its description. Commonly, the tooltip is displayed continuously as long as users hover over the element. These are the appealing displayed instructions.

How to use plugins to create custom tooltips with jQuery, CSS, and JavaScript?

Tooltips can be made using a variety of languages in the software and web development fields, such as jQuery, JavaScript, or CSS. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages – if all you need is a tooltip, a simple jQuery tooltip will probably suffice. It has a beginner-friendly syntax and cross-browser compatibility, but it also requires external libraries.

CSS provides both performance and separation of concerns but lacks interoperability compared to JavaScript. But, JS allows more design at the expense of mobility and performance.

Given the variety of devices an app can be viewed on, a consistent design is essential to ensure seamless functionality across desktop, mobile, tablet, or other devices. You or your engineers may be able to make a better decision on the language to use if you are aware of the typical scenarios in which your product will be utilized. Finally, the solution you choose should leverage HTML5 and CSS3 resources.

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jQuery Tooltip Plugins

A javascript library called jQuery was developed to make building web pages easier. We are listing the most popular tooltip plugins for you that suit your web-based projects.


With ProTip, you have the freedom to modify the look and behavior of your tooltips to match the branding and layout of your website. You can easily adjust the tooltip’s position, color scheme, and animation effects, and even add custom CSS styles to ensure seamless integration into your website’s overall look and feel. Furthermore, ProTip supports various content types within tooltips, including plain text, HTML, images, and even videos, enabling you to present information in a dynamic and engaging manner.

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JBox is designed to provide web developers with an elegant and customizable solution for creating tooltips—a small pop-up window that appears when users hover over or interact with an element on a webpage. These tooltips can offer additional information, explanations, or interactive elements that enrich the user’s experience and improve the usability of a website.


Jquery UI is a great plugin that will replace traditional and boring-looking, small-sized tooltips with highly customizable, interactive tooltips.

CSS Tooltip Plugins

Tooltips in CSS basically provide a great way to provide extra information when any user moves the cursor over an element. CSS tooltips are supported on every web browser.

CSS Tooltip

CSS tooltip plugins take this functionality to the next level by offering more advanced features and customization options. These plugins simplify the process of implementing tooltips on your website, allowing you to effortlessly add visually appealing and interactive tooltips to enhance the user interface and provide valuable information to your visitors.

Dynamic tooltip text

A dynamic tooltip text plugin is a valuable tool that enhances the user experience on websites by providing informative and interactive tooltips. This plugin empowers website owners and developers to deliver relevant and engaging information to their visitors, making the browsing experience more interactive and informative.

Fade-in tooltip

As the name suggests, this tooltip plugin with CSS language is simple and easy, and features fade in animation.


Microtip is a lightweight CSS library utilized to develop minimal and vibrant tooltips appending to any element. It is ideal for simple tooltips as it doesn’t offer many customizable options.


Wenk is a lightweight tooltip that is functional in pure CSS, next using PostCSS, less, or SCSS. It can easily be styled using data. It is very easy to use and customizable too.


Simptip is an easy CSS tooltip created with Sass. Through this, you can have a tooltip in different directions and colors. It also offers other features including fade effect, sift edge, and more.

JavaScript Tooltip Plugins

JavaScript tooltip plugins are powerful tools that enhance the user experience by providing additional information or context when hovering over an element on a website. Tooltips serve as informative pop-ups that can display text, images, or other media, offering a concise explanation or description of the element.


Popper.js is a library utilized to build poppers in web applications. Popper is a screen component that “pops out” naturally when used. These elements are positioned by Poper.js to allow placement close to the reference element.


The Grumble.js plugin is used to create tooltips that come with rotation around an element in all 360 degrees. It can be customized and adjusted for use with localized texts.


Tippy.js is a mini yet highly customizable JavaScript library that helps you create appealing, animated, and touch-friendly tooltips.


Intro.js itself finds the best position for the tooltip. One can define the tooltip position for each step using configuration.


A tooltip is an element that is used in websites to enhance users’ experience and guide them when they need to be. The top tooltip plugins created in JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS have been compiled by us. These make users’ visits more enjoyable and give them the right information and direction. There are, of course, a tonne of additional tooltip plugins available, each with unique capabilities. However, we have narrowed your search journey with the utmost results.

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