Python statistics Module

Module NameDescriptionKey Features
NumPyNumPy is a fundamental library for numerical computing in Python. It provides support for arrays, matrices, and a wide range of mathematical functions.– Array operations<br>- Mathematical functions<br>- Random number generation
SciPySciPy builds on NumPy and offers additional functionalities for scientific and technical computing. It includes optimization, integration, interpolation, and more.– Scientific computing<br>- Special functions<br>- Optimization algorithms
PandasPandas is a data manipulation library that simplifies data analysis in Python. It introduces DataFrame and Series data structures for easy data manipulation and analysis.– Data manipulation<br>- Data cleaning<br>- Data exploration
StatsmodelsStatsmodels is a library for statistical modeling and hypothesis testing. It provides tools for regression analysis, time-series analysis, and more.– Regression analysis<br>- Hypothesis testing<br>- Time-series analysis