Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins in 2023

Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins in 2023

A great way to communicate with customers on your website is through ‏a WordPress chat plugin. Live chat enables us to solve Pre-sales inquiries, and live support can also be provided. Customers feel better and more at ease when they receive answers faster. Fortunately, a bunch of visit modules are available for your browsing. In this article, we will compare the best WordPress visit modules to help you select the best WordPress modules per your necessities.

Why Use a WordPress Chat Plugin?
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Why Use a WordPress Chat Plugin?

Customers need an easy way to get answers to their questions. Many of those questions might be answered in a FAQ, yet there’s generally an inquiry that needs to be responded to on the site. Email correspondence is in many cases, a sluggish cycle. Modules permit you to robotize the correspondence between you and your clients. Chatbots can handle communication and delegate it to you when necessary. This is an excellent strategy for generating leads‏ and enhancing customer satisfaction.

What is the Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin?

In this article, we have covered the 5 best WordPress live chat plugins, and all of them are good in their own way. Still, if you want to consider the best WordPress live chat plugin, we recommend you HubSpot WordPress live chat plugin since it has more features and advantages than others and is highly dependable.

The Best WordPress Chat Plugins

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1. HubSpot

HubSpot is a massive marketing company that offers live chat, customer relationship management (CRM), and numerous features. Live visits, help to tag, robotized bots, and more are remembered for the Assistance Center point bundle, accessible in the free HubSpot WordPress module. Customizable chatbox from the Hubspot plugin is dependable and adaptable with multiple services, including live chat popups, lead generation, lead capture, chatbots, lead management, and live support. Free, pro begins at $18 per month.

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2. Tidio

Tidio logo is a WordPress chat plugin that includes tools for email marketing to help you expand your business. The widget can be made to fit your brand. An editor and templates are included. Responding to customers via iOS or Android is made possible by a mobile app. You can see when customers visit your ‏website from notifications. It provides a live typing preview and notifies you when customers visit your website. Email-promoting devices assist you with keeping in contact with your guests.


3. JivoChat

JivoChat is a plugin for business messenger that works with live chat, phone, email, and social media platforms all in one place. Settle on and get decisions through the live visit gadget. Customers are informed of your availability via offline messaging. Give choices to get back to the client. Multi-agent and team chats are possible. A live composing pointer shows when somebody is composing. The live chat will automatically translate the visitors’ languages into yours. We can use it in twenty-five different languages.

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4. LiveChat

The LiveChat plugin is a versatile and efficient option when incorporating live chat into your WordPress website. It is simple to use because it is compatible with nearly every WordPress theme and builder. On the customer side, the plugin displays a welcoming chat window at the bottom of the page to welcome users. That box is easily accessible and always visible. Additionally, by instantly responding to your visitors, canned auto-responses save you time.

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5. Chaty

Your website will get a floating chatbox and call-to-action messages from Chaty. The chatbox’s display time can be set with the display trigger. Select from eight distinct effects. Change the widget’s size, select different buttons, and personalize the icons. A CTA is an icon for pending messages. It associates with various channels so guests can utilize the talk applications of their #1 interpersonal organizations and stages. It likewise incorporates a contact structure. The genius version adds 25 unique social channels and applications, gadget customization, Google Investigation, page‏ focusing, traffic source focusing, and on-the-spot focusing, and that’s just the beginning.

Comparing the Best Word‏Press Live Chat Plugins

The following sections will provide a curated list of the‏ best WordPress chat plugins and two tables comparing their prices and features for a comprehensive understanding if you need assistance choosing the right chat plugin.

Chat Plugin Price Comparison

Cost is generally a significant thought. Each plugin we discussed in this post is listed here, along with their prices, for easy comparison.

PluginPriceFree Option
HubSpot$ 18 per monthYes 
Tidio$15.83 per monthYes
JivoChat$19 per monthYes 
LiveChat$20 per monthNo 
Chaty$ 49 per yearYes

Chat Plugin Feature Comparison

HubSpot, Tidio, and JivoChat have the most features out of the chat plugins in this article.

HubSpot TidioJivoChat
Price$ 18 per month$15.83/ month$19/ month
Live ChatYesYesYes
Live TypingYes ‏YesYes
TranslationNo YesYes
Email IntegrationYesYesYes
CRM IntegrationYesYesYes
Active Installations300k+‏100k+30k+
Community Rating4.5/55/55/5

There are numerous reasons why live chat ‏usage is increasing. It’s a great way to get customers who want help, give them a way to solve problems ‏on their own, and give them access to your support funnel in a way you can control. Every website’s search for the best solution will be different. Hope our article helps you in selecting the best for your website.

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