A Guide To Tracking QR Codes In Google Analytics

A Guide To Tracking QR Codes In Google Analytics


Greetings, digital explorers and analytics aficionados! What if I told you that cracking the code of your users’ behavior is as intriguing as a Sherlock Holmes mystery? Yes, you’ve read it correctly. We’re diving deep into the enigmatic world of QR Codes in Google Analytics. With codexcoach as your Watson, let’s unleash our inner sleuths and discover how to effectively track, analyze, and unveil the secrets behind those scannable squares.

QR Codes

What are QR Codes In Google Analytics?

In an era where everything is digital, QR codes serve as your modern-day treasure map, leading you—or rather, your audience—straight to the booty: your content, deals, or services. Two-dimensional barcodes called Quick Response (QR) codes can be read by smartphones’ cameras. These codes direct users to web pages, coupon codes, videos, and more. But how do you know if these nifty tools are actually driving traffic or conversions? Enter QR Codes in Google Analytics!

Google Analytics

Gathering the Detective Tools – Setting Up Google Analytics

  • Before you solve any mystery, you need to gather your detective tools. In this case, your main tool is Google Analytics. Make sure it’s configured correctly for your website. Go to Google Analytics’ website and follow the installation instructions if it hasn’t previously been done. With Google Analytics at your fingertips, you’re ready to take on the intricacies of tracking QR Codes in Google Analytics.
Google Analytics

The Invisible Ink – Creating Trackable QR Codes

  • Creating QR Codes is simple, but making them trackable in Google Analytics involves some mystery-solving of its own. How? You must use UTM parameters. These are tags you append to a URL. When someone clicks the URL, the tags are sent back to Google Analytics, and voilà, you’ve turned your QR Code into a treasure trove of information. This is a crucial step for anyone interested in deciphering the effectiveness of QR Codes in Google Analytics.
Google Analytics

The Hidden Chambers – Custom Campaigns in Google Analytics

  • Having affixed the UTM parameters to your QR Code, now let’s talk about custom campaigns. You can set these up within Google Analytics to categorize the traffic coming from your QR Codes. Navigate to ‘Campaigns’ under the ‘Acquisition’ tab in Google Analytics. You can view a breakdown of the results of your individual campaigns here. Mastering this step is vital for an in-depth understanding of QR Codes in Google Analytics.
Google Analytics

X Marks the Spot – Analyzing the Data

  • Now comes the fun part! After giving the data some time to accumulate, begin your investigation in Google Analytics. Filter through locations, devices, and user behaviors to understand the engagement of your QR Codes. The true benefit of using Google Analytics to track QR Codes is here.
Google Analytics

The Plot Twist – Real-Time Monitoring

  • What if you could catch the criminal red-handed? Google Analytics allows you to do just that with real-time monitoring. This feature lets you watch as users interact with your QR Codes. It’s like reading a suspense novel but in real life. Keep an eye on this to make timely and effective adjustments to your campaigns involving QR Codes in Google Analytics.
Google Analytics

The Cliffhanger – Setting Up Alerts

  • A good detective always stays alert! Google Analytics allows you to set up custom alerts to notify you when certain thresholds are met or not met. This can help you stay proactive and responsive to how your audience is engaging with your QR Codes in Google Analytics.


All right, fellow digital sleuths, that’s it! You now have access to the Google Analytics monitoring map for QR Codes. Just like Sherlock couldn’t have solved his mysteries without Watson, this venture would not have been as smooth without the guidance of Codexcoach.

Remember, the adventure doesn’t end here. The world of QR Codes in Google Analytics is ever-evolving, so keep refining your methods, testing new strategies, and, most importantly, never stop exploring. Who knows what digital enigmas you’ll unravel next?

Now, go on, take your newfound knowledge, and crack those QR Codes wide open. A world of digital mysteries awaits your sleuthing skills!

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